San Juan Ferry

Photo by Kenneth Davenport,

For a full island experience, take a scenic, slow paced trip to and from any of the beautiful San Juan Islands. This ferry services Lopez, Shaw, Orcas, and San Juan Island. The terminal is just 5 miles away from our inn.

The ferry ride is the best part of this trip! Soak in the views of all the beautiful scenery and tiny, uninhabited islands as you skim along. You might even be one of the lucky ones to see whales, seals, or other sea life from the deck!

Depending on the season, there may also be a ferry traveling  to Vancouver Island once or twice a day.

The terminal is located 5 miles from Islands Inn. If you plan to drive onto the ferry, be sure to call 511 from any phone to make reservations. If you are taking advantage of the paid parking at the terminal and walking onto the ferry, no reservations are required.

Click here for the current schedule and fares.